Safe handling for your torch

Handles and machine shafts represent the direct link to the operator or machine. Each insert requires a suitable torch holder depending upon the size or capacity data. Messer Cutting Systems offers you handles and machine shafts in various sizes. Whilst the machine shafts are intended for mounting in a unit, the handles must fulfil the wishes and requirements of the. Because of this we place particular emphasis on weight and ergonomics as well as the technical functionality and safe operation during design and development. For this reason, each of the handle ranges exists in numerous variations.

We would be happy to support you with advice to find the optimum handle for you.

Model Selection

Handle STAR 2020:

  • For manual operation with brazing, heating, cutting and welding inserts type STAR with gas/Oxygen or gas/air
  • Robust handle in compact format
  • Valves on the side
  • For welding range up to 30 mm
  • Oxygen connection: G1/4"RH (AG)*
  • Fuel gas connection: G3/8"LH (AG)*

*Connection details for Germany. Other national connections available


  • For manual operation with brazing, heating, cutting and welding inserts type MINITHERM with gas/Oxygen or gas/air
  • Profiled handle for a secure grip position
  • One hand operation as valves arranged in a V
  • Fine adjustments spindles in Oxygen and gas valves allow precise flame setting
  • Can be used for all fuel gases
  • Oxygen connection: 3.2 mm hose tail
  • Fuel gas connection: 3.2 mm hose tail


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Our comprehensive product range offers you a wide variety of different handles and machine shafts for the most varied applications and areas of use. You can find these in our oxyfuel catalogue or just contact us directly.

Have you any questions about our handles or machine shafts, or would you like more information about any aspect of our product range? Contact us directly and we will reply to you as fast as possible.

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