Data Protection Declaration

We feel committed to maintain the privacy of our website visitors and of our customers. Protection and security of personal data is of primary concern for us.

Therefore, Messer Cutting Systems GmbH, represented by its shareholders, Otto-Hahn-Straße 2-4, 64823 Groß-Umstadt (telephone number 06078 787 0, e-mail:; hereinafter "we" or "us") and its affiliated companies strictly comply with the regulations of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DGSVO) of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) and the Telecommunications-Telemedia Data Protection Law (TTDSG). The following text will inform you of this privacy policy as those responsible within the meaning of Section 4, no. 7, DGSVO, on how we use your personal information, i.e., what kind of personal data we collect and how they are processed.

What is personal data?

The DGSVO defines the term personal data as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. These are, for example, your name, your telephone number and your birthday.

Data logging

In general, it will not be necessary for you to provide personal data to use our website. However, when you visit our website our web server automatically creates and maintains so-called log files. Log files record data including:

  • IP address of accessing computer (including its geographical location)
  • Website you previously visited (referrer URL)
  • Date and time of access of server request, including how long you visited our website
  • Types and settings of browser
  • Operating system
  • Page you visited (file name and URL)
  • Data volume transferred
  • Access status (file transferred etc.)

We gather this data only for statistical purposes. No information – whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes – will be disclosed to third parties. We will not combine this data together with other data from other sources as a matter of principle. This data is collected and processed in order to enable the use of this website and adjust it to our users’ interests in accordance with Article 6 (1) (f) DGXVO. Our legitimate interest is to provide and manage our website with all its features and to optimise it continually.

Data recorded in server log files is only stored for a limited time and will be deleted automatically after 30 days by regular updates.

We reserve the right to verify this data later if there is clear evidence of illegal use. Such verification will only be carried out to identify and prevent the illegal use of our website and is in accordance with Article 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. (f) DGSVO. Our legitimate interest here is to ensure that our offer is secure and that improper use is prevented.

Further collection, processing and use of personal data

We only collect or process personal data if you choose to provide such data, for instance, when making an inquiry. We will store and use the data you provided in the inquiry, including any contact details you gave in the inquiry, in order to fulfil the purpose related to the data transfer, for example, to process your order or for follow-up questions. The collection and use of this personal data is carried out in accordance with Article 6 (1) paragraph 1 lit. (b) DGSVO to the extent that you provide this personal data in order to enter into a contract with us. Only in such case, it is necessary that you provide personal data in terms of Article 13 (2) lit. (e) DGSVO. Otherwise, storage or use is carried out based on Article 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. (f) DGSVO, our legitimate interest being diligent processing of your request.

If you instruct us with rendering a service or we require your services, we collect, store and use your personal data only to the extent necessary to provide such services or fulfil such a contract. Any data processing in this context is carried out in accordance with Article 6 (1) paragraph 1 lit. (b) DGSVO. This may also require disclosing your personal data to other companies that we engage in for the provision of services or contract processing. Other companies here can be for instance shipping companies or other service providers. Any data transfer to service providers we instructed for this purpose is also carried out in accordance with Article 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. (b) DGSVO.

In all cases where data processing as described above serves the purpose to fulfil a contract, the provision of your personal data is a requirement necessary to enter into a contract (cf. Article 13 (2) lit. (e) DGSVO). Without your personal data performance of the contract would be impossible for us.

Data handling in the job application process

The personal information you provide to us during your job application (usually cover letter and supporting documents, such as certificates, collectively referred to as “application documents”) will only be stored and used while processing the application. Passing on this information to third parties outside of Messer Cutting Systems GmbH, will not take place without your explicit prior consent. The following group of persons will have access to your data: Employees in Human Resources, the responsible supervisor and the works council. Should a follow-up interview be scheduled where you are to meet your future colleagues, these will receive a copy of your resume, so they can prepare for the meeting. All persons were sworn to maintain data secrecy and will treat your application as absolutely confidential.

Collection and processing of data during the application process for a job opening at Messer Cutting Systems GmbH will be performed in line with section 88 DGSVO in connection with section 26, para. 1 and 3 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Should we continue to store your personal data after the completion of the application process for one more year in the context of our applicant tracking system, this will be done pursuant to section 6 para 1, page 1, lit. a) DGSVO on the basis of your voluntary consent which we will separately collect during the application process if required. In all other cases, your data (application information and interview results) will be deleted from our applicant tracking system at the end of the period of three months following the date on which the application period ends, provided that this is not prevented by legitimate reasons on our side.


These web pages use cookies. We sue cookies and the services of partners such as Google Analytics to analyse visits to our website to gain information for improved content or, where applicable, to display certain easy to use interactive content, insofar as you have given permission for this with the “Accept” button.  Insofar as it is necessary for this purpose, our partner (Google) will receive applicable information such as you IP address and will process this in accordance with its data protection declaration. You can always recall your permission for the future. Further details to the data processing and about our partners can be found in the following section of our data protection declaration.

By law we may store cookies on your terminal device if these are absolutely necessary for the operation of these pages. We need your permission for all other types of cookie.

These pages use various types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third parties who appear on our pages.

You can update or cancel your acceptance from the cookie declaration on our Website at any time.

Please enter your agreement id and the date on which you contacted us about your acceptance.

This cookie policy has been created and updated by

Information about Matomo

This website uses the web analytics service Matomo (formerly Piwik) to help analyse and check how our website is used. We can improve our offering and make it more interesting for you with the statistics we gain.

For this purpose the service, amongst other things, records from which third party website you accessed our site (so-called  Referrer-URL). information about the time of access and the place from which the access was made, your language settings as well as which part of our Website you called up, and how often and for how long you looked at a particular part of our website. We gather this information mainly using Cookies which are set by Matomo.  Your IP address will also be gathered to ensure the security of the service and to give us, as website operator conclusions about which country, which region or which place the user comes from.

This website uses Matomo. With this the IP addresses are ony stored in a shortened form and a direct personal association is excluded. Identification of you,, as the user, is thus no longer possible. The IP address transferred from your browser by Matomo will not be linked to the other data we gather nor will any data be passed on to third parties. No individual user profiles will be created from the data processed.

Further details about data protection are available in the data protection declaration of Matomo under and the DSGVO information under

The legal basis for the use of Cookies from Matomo on your end unit is § 25 Abs. 1 TTDSG. The legal basis for the gathering and further processing of the information gatherred from cookies is in the consent given by the Consent-Manager (Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. a) DSGVO). It is possible at any time to withdraw this consent without this affecting the validity of the data processed up to the point where consent was withdrawn. You can withdraw your consent at any time by changing the settings in our Consent-Manager.

Social Bookmarks

We use so-called Social Bookmarks (e.g. from Facebook and Twitter) on our pages. These are internet bookmarks with which the user of such services can collect links and news messages. The Social Bookmarks are only connected on our website as links to the corresponding services, so no automated data transfer takes place when you visit our website. Only if you click the connected graphics will you be taken to the pages of the provider concerned. So this happens on the basis of your permission according to art. 6 para. 1 S. 1 lit. a) DSGVO. Please take information about the use of your personal data when you use these websites from the corresponding data protection rules of the provider.

Conversion tracking with Adform

We have integrated the advertising service Adform on this website. Adform is a service provided by Adform Germany GmbH, Gr. Burstah 50-52, 20457 Hamburg, Germany, for playing advertisements placed by us (e.g. our advertising banners) on websites of Adform partners ("Adform advertising network"). With your consent, we also use the so-called conversion tracking function within the scope of this service to analyse the advertising campaigns.

For conversion tracking, a cookie ("conversion cookie") is stored by Adform on your terminal device when you have contact with an advertisement placed by us in the Adform advertising network (e.g. click on one of our advertising banners). When you subsequently visit our website, we and Adform learn that you clicked on one of our ads and were redirected to our website via that ad. Adform also collects your other contacts with our advertising material (visual contacts and clicks on advertising banners) and links these to interactions on our website, as well as your IP address, the individual advertising ID of your terminal device, a cross-device advertising ID (if available), technical information about your terminal device (e.g. IP address, information on the advertising ID of your terminal device, information on the advertising ID of your terminal device). Adform may also receive other personally identifiable information (e.g. first and last name, address, email address), such as your IP address, individual advertising ID of your end device, a cross-device advertising ID (if available), technical information about your end device (e.g. IP address, browser settings information, approximate location) and your browsing behaviour on other websites (e.g. URL of websites visited, timestamps, search engine entries). Adform may receive further data relating to you in pseudonymised form from its own Adform partners. On the basis of the above data, Adform carries out an analysis of your surfing behaviour. The data processing on Adform's servers takes place within the European Union.

We only receive aggregated information from Adform about user contacts with our advertisements and interactions on our website. We cannot associate this information with any individual user. Under no circumstances do we receive information with which we can personally identify you.

The conversion cookie from Adform is automatically deleted after 180 days. You can prevent the setting of the conversion cookie in the settings of your browser and delete conversion cookies that have already been set.

Further information on data processing by Adform can be found at

The conversion cookie is used by us to evaluate the impact, success and effectiveness of our advertisements in order to publicise the website and our offers and to optimise our advertisements. We only activate Adform if you have agreed to the use of cookies set by Adform (i.e. the storage and reading of these cookies on your device) and the ensuing processing of your data by Adform. Your agreement thus forms the legal basis for the use of conversion cookies (§ 25 Abs. 1 TTDSG) or for the processing of data associated with the conversion cookie by Adform on our website (Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. a) DSGVO). You can revoke this consent for the future at any time with regard to your respective computer used, e.g. by, selecting the category “Advertising” in the in aforementioned cookie settings.

You can also prevent the future use of Adform on our website by clicking the "Opt-Out" button under the following link: By clicking the button, a cookie will be stored on your terminal device. Please do not delete this cookie as long as you want to signal to us that you do not want any data processing by Adform.

Remarketing and conversion tracking with The Trade Desk

We also use the remarketing and conversion tracking service provided by The Trade Desk Inc, 42 N. Chestnut Street, Ventura, CA 93001, USA ("The Trade Desk"), if you give us your consent to do so. With the help of this service, users who have already visited our website once and are therefore generally interested in our offers are shown targeted advertisements about our offers on partner websites of The Trade Desk. For this purpose, a cookie is set in your browser when you visit our website, which contains an individually assigned cookie ID. Cookies also allow The Trade Desk, and where applicable the partners with whom The Trade Desk works, to identify which websites the user has visited, what content they are interested in and which products they have clicked on (for example on our website). In addition, further technical information on the browser and operating system, referring web pages, visit time and other details on the use of the online offer may be recorded. From this information, The Trade Desk creates pseudonymous usage profiles, which are not, however, merged with further identifying data about you without your express consent.

If you subsequently visit a partner website of The Trade Desk, The Trade Desk, and where applicable The Trade Desk's partners, will recognise the cookie ID of your browser and can show you targeted advertising based on the usage profile. In this way, we would like to show you advertisements that correspond to your interests (so-called "personalised advertising"). This may include, for example, advertisements of products in which you were previously interested on our website (so-called "remarketing"). Through these measures, we aim to improve the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

The Trade Desk also helps us to evaluate and measure the impact, success and effectiveness of our advertisements. The information collected through cookies is used to create statistical analyses of previously defined actions that a user has performed on our website. For example, The Trade Desk records your contacts with our advertising material (visual contacts and clicks on advertising banners) as well as the redirects to our website and links this information to your interactions on our website (e.g. calling up or ordering a specific product on our website). In this way, we can subsequently determine, among other things, the total number of users who clicked on an advertisement and subsequently purchased a product (so-called "conversion tracking"). However, we do not receive any information with which we could personally identify the users.

The display of the advertisements and related data processing are carried out independently by The Trade Desk and, where applicable, also by The Trade Desk's partners. In this respect, we have no influence on the selection and the associated data processing. In particular, we cannot decide on the exact website or partner of The Trade Desk through which the advertising is played, nor do we determine where and to which individual user the advertising is displayed. The cookies set by The Trade Desk are stored in your browser for a maximum period of 12 months.

We expressly point out that the servers used by The Trade Desk are located in the USA, among other places. The transmission of data in the USA may give rise to additional risks, for example, it may be more difficult to enforce your rights to this data. Please remember that you consent to this transfer of data to the USA when you give us your consent to use The Trade Desk. The transfer of data to the USA is thus based on Art. 49(1)(a) DSGVO. In addition, The Trade Desk has also provided appropriate safeguards within the meaning of Art. 46 (2) DSGVO for the transfer of data to the USA.

Further information on the protection of your personal data by The Trade Desk can be found at

We will only activate the services of The Trade Desk if you consent to the use of cookies set by The Trade Desk (i.e. the storage and reading of cookies on your terminal device) and the associated subsequent processing of your data by The Trade Desk. This consent thus forms the legal basis for the use of the cookies (§ 25 Abs. 1 TTDSG) or for the processing of your data by The Trade Desk (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a) DSGVO) on our website. You can withdraw this consent at any time with effect for the future with regard to the device you are using, for example by deleting all cookies of our website in your Browser settings or by deselecting the above cookie settings in the “Advertising” category. You can prevent the future use of The Trade Desk on our website by a corresponding selection (listed suppliers: "The Trade Desk") under the following Link:

Use of LinkedIn plugins

Plugins of the LinkedIn service of LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland ("LinkedIn") are integrated on this website. You can recognise the LinkedIn plugins by the LinkedIn logo or the "Share Button" ("Recommend") on this website. When you call up this website, including the associated plugin from LinkedIn, LinkedIn receives, to our knowledge, the IP address of the terminal device you are using and the information that your browser has called up the relevant parts of our website, even if you do not have a profile on LinkedIn or are not currently logged in to LinkedIn. This information is transmitted by your browser directly to a LinkedIn server and stored there.

If you interact further with the respective plugins, this interaction is also transmitted directly to the LinkedIn server and stored there. User profiles can be created from the transmitted data. If you are logged in to LinkedIn, LinkedIn can directly assign your visit to our website to your user account. Your interaction with the LinkedIn plugin may also be published on your LinkedIn profile (e.g. when you click on the "Share" button) and displayed there to your contacts.

The LinkedIn plugins use cookies. According to our knowledge, the use of these cookies is necessary for the identification of the user and thus for the provision of the desired plugin function (e.g. when clicking on the "Share button" for the assignment of the website visitor to his LinkedIn user profile). The cookies are stored in your browser for a maximum of two years.

We would like to point out that we have no influence on the data collection and processing by LinkedIn plugins. We are also not aware of the full scope of data processing (e.g. with regard to the data collected, processing purposes, storage periods, etc.). We inform you at this point according to our state of knowledge.

The purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by LinkedIn as well as the related rights and setting options for protecting your privacy can be found in LinkedIn's privacy policy:

We would like to point out that LinkedIn may also process data outside the European Economic Area, in particular in the USA. This may give rise to additional risks, for example it may be more difficult to enforce the rights of the data subject to this data. The transfer of data takes place on the basis of standard data protection clauses pursuant to Art. 46 para. 2 lit. c) DSGVO. Further information can be found at

Further settings and objections to the use of data for advertising purposes are possible in the settings of your LinkedIn account. You can find more detailed information here: In addition, you can also object to the use of data for advertising purposes on the US site or the EU site The settings are platform-independent, i.e. they are applied to all devices, such as desktop computers or mobile devices.

Our data processing in connection with the use of the plugin from LinkedIn is based on Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. f) DSGVO. Our legitimate interest in using the plugins is the improvement and optimal design of our website based on the wishes and preferences of our website visitors.

Use of Google Maps

This website also uses the Google Maps product, a map service provided by Google for showing an interactive map. By using Google maps, the information generated following your use of the website (your IP address included) may be transferred to a Google server based in the USA where the information will be stored. Google may pass such information to third parties where this is provided for by law or to the extent where such third parties process the data as instructed by Google. Only by your actively clicking on the interactive map does your Internet set up a connection to the Google servers. Detailed information on how Google processes this data can be found here:

You may deactivate the service of Google Maps, preventing any data transfer to Google by deactivating JavaScript on your browser. Please note, however, that you will be unable to use the map display.

The data harvested will be stored on Google servers, also in the USA. We have agreed to the standard data clauses of Google, whose purpose is to maintain an appropriate level of data protection in third countries. Detail on this can be found above in connection with Google Analytics. We use Google Maps to enhance the user-friendliness of our website. Thus, the use of Google Maps is based on section 6, para. 1, page 1, lit f) DGSVO. It is in our legitimate interest to enhance the performance of our website and to provide the best possible user-friendliness.

Use of YouTube

With your consent, our website also includes content (such as Videos) which is operated by the YouTube service of Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland ("Google"). In this way we can show you videos which are stored on YouTube directly on our website and make comfortable playing of the videos possible for you.

If you visit a part of our website equipped with YouTube contents and consent to the use of the YouTube service in our cookie settings, then a link with the servers of YouTube or Google will be created. In doing this the fact that you have visited our website as well as your IP address, time stamp and other protocol data will be notified. Google processes the data gathered through YouTube for its own purposes and in the scope of its own data protection declaration. The data can be stored by Google in user profiles and, for example, used for product improvement, for the development of new products, to measure the effectiveness of specific adverts and for market research as well as for the personalization of contents and advertisements. If you are logged into your YouTube account, then your data will be allocated directly to your user account. If you do not want the allocation of your user data to your user account at YouTube or Google, then you must log off before activating YouTube. We have no influence on the further processing of your data at Google. More information about this can be found in the Google data protection declaration: .

YouTube also evaluates the calling of Videos statistically and makes reports about this evaluation available to us, in which however only general information about the call-ups such as the total numbers of call-ups is contained. Thus we receive no closer information about the person concerned. [We include in the videos an instruction that no cookies for the analysis of the user behaviour of YouTube are set if you call up the videos on our website (so-called “extended data protection mode”). So we presume that no more exact evaluation of the person involved takes place within the scope of the evaluation of video call-ups from YouTube and that these cannot be allocated associated with individual persons. According to statements from Google, the calling up of videos will not be used for further personalization of YouTube contents.]

The data mentioned above can also be transmitted by Google to a server in the USA. Additional risks can arise from this, for example the enforcement of your rights to this data could become more difficult or certain US agencies could acquire access to this data. Google has agreed standard data protection clauses for the data transmission in the USA within the Google concern with the EU commission. These standard data protection clauses should ensure that an appropriate level of data protection is maintained in third countries (USA).

We only activate YouTube, if you consent to the use of the cookies set by YouTube (i.e. in the storage and reading of these cookies on your terminal device) and the processing of your data by YouTube and Google. This consent forms the legal basis for the use of the cookies (§ 25 Abs. 1 TTDSG) or for the processing of your data by YouTube and Google (Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a) DSGVO) on our website. You can recall the consent you have given with effect for the future by deselecting the current cookie setting in the “Statistics” category.

Use of Google Tag Manager

On our website we use the "Google Tag Manager", a service of Google. The Google Tag Manager enables us to manage web page tags via one interface. The Google Tag Manager, which implements the tags, is a cookie-less domain and itself gathers no person related data. Google Tag Manager ensures the triggering of other tags which in turn gather data under certain conditions. Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If a deactivation has taken place on domain or cookie level, this continues to exist for all Tracking-Tags which have been implemented with Google Tag Manager.

You can find further information about data protection on the following web pages of Google:

Data protection declaration:

FAQ Google Tag Manager:

User conditions Google Tag Manager:

No automated decision-making

No automated decision-making, including profiling pursuant to section 22, para. 1 and 4 DGSVO is taking place on our end.

Data transmission to third parties

There will be no transmission of your data to third parties without your explicit consent, unless this may be required for the provision of the service or performance of the contract. Any transmission of your personal data to third parties will accordingly only happen based upon your consent pursuant to section 6, para. 1, page 1, lit. a) DGSVO or for contract performance purposes pursuant to section 6, para. 1, page 1 lit. b) DGSVO. The transmission to government institutions and authorities entitled to receive such information will only take place within the limits of legal information duties or where we must disclose such information instructed by a court order. In this case, the transfer of your data is mandatory for the fulfilment of a legal obligation which we are subject to pursuant to section 6, para. 1, page 1 lit. c) DGSVO.

To the extent where external service providers come into contact with your personal data, we have ensured by taking all legal, technical and organisational measures as well as regular controls that these will adhere to the provisions of data protection laws.

General retention period and deletion

We will store your personal data as long as this is necessary for the fulfilment of the intended purpose (e.g. performance of the contract, responding to your request) or legitimate reasons within the meaning of section 17, para. 3, DGSVO, such as legal retention periods. As long as legal retention periods, such as under commercial and tax law, conflict with the deletion of your personal data, we will limit the processing of your data; after that, your data will be deleted according to the legal regulations.
Applicant data will be deleted within six months after the end of the application process at the latest, unless you have granted us your consent for storage exceeding this period or if there are legitimate reasons on your side to object to deletion, such as the defence of legal claims.

How we protect personal information

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational precautions for preventing loss, abuse or unauthorized modification of your personal data. We will store all the personal data you make available to us on our secure servers (password and firewall-protected). All electronic transactions you carry out with or receive from us will be encrypted. Please note that data transmission via the Internet is not 100% secure in itself and that we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted via the Internet.

Your rights as data subjects

You may at any time and free of cost obtain confirmation or information of your personal data stored by us (section 15 DGSVO). You also have the right to demand the correction of incorrect data (section 16 DGSVO) as well as the deletion of your personal data provided there are no legitimate reasons objecting such deletion (section 17, para. 3, DGSVO) or the restriction of data processing (section 18, DGSVO). Provided that the foundation for the processing of data is section 6, para. 1, page 1, lit. f) DGSVO (claiming of legitimate interest), pursuant to section 21 DGSVO, you have the right to object the handling of your personal data at any time to the extent where this is founded on reasons arising from your particular situation or when such objection is directed against data processing for direct marketing purposes. In the latter case, you are entitled to a general right of objection without giving a reason, arising from your special situation, which will be implemented by us (section 21, para. 2, DGSVO). If you file an objection out of reasons arising from your special situation, we will no longer process your personal data, unless we are able to verify legitimate compelling reasons for the processing that outweigh your interests, rights, and freedoms or the processing is in favour of the enforcement, exercise or defence of claims (section (21 para. 1, DGSVO)

You may also at any time revoke any consent given to us for the collection and processing of data with future effects.

If you provide data regarding yourself, and if we process this data following your consent or for the performance of the contract, you may require that you receive this data in a structured, conventional and machine-readable format from us or that we will transmit this data to another person responsible to the extent this is technically feasible (so-called right to data transferability).

Moreover, you are entitled to file a complaint with a regulatory body if you feel that data processing by us violates statutory regulations.

In order for you to claim your above-stated rights, please contact our contact address indicated above or send an e-mail to us or our local data protection officer.

Our data protection officer

We have appointed internal data protection coordinators in our company and have hired an external data protection officer. They will carry out organizational and technical measures, thus ensuring that your personal data is secure and protected. Please contact the Messer Cutting Systems GmbH data protection officer for all questions around data protection at

If you would like to contact us via regular mail, please direct all letters to the mailing address listed above.

Links to other provider websites

Our website may include links to other providers that are not covered by this privacy policy. This does not include third-party content and websites that are linked from our website. This applies to social networks, for example, such as LinkedIn, Xing and others. In this case, your data is processed through the respective social network operator, without us having any control over it. The same applies to the personal data you provide to us via such a platform, for example by contacting us through our profile in the respective social network. Information on the handling and protection of your personal data on such networks can be found in the privacy statements of the respective platform provider. However, where we store your personal data which you have communicated to us or which we have obtained via such social network, on our own servers and use it for the processing of your request or otherwise, the above notes in this privacy statement naturally shall apply.

Updates to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy within the limits of the existing legal provisions and to publish an updated version on our website to the extent where this is appropriate due to new technological developments, legislative changes or changes in our business operations. This is why we recommend that you review this website periodically in order to make sure that you are familiar with our most recent privacy policy.

Legal Notice

Contents of this Website
The contents of this website have been created with the greatest possible care. We, Messer Cutting Systems GmbH do not, however, assume any responsibility for the correctness, completeness or up to date status of the contents presented.

Availability of the Website
Messer Cutting Systems GmbH will endeavour to offer the service on call as far as possible without interruptions. But even with the greatest care, down-times cannot be excluded. We reserve the right to modify or terminate our offer at any time. We cannot take any responsibility for interruptions or other faults caused by files which are not error free or for formats which are incorrectly structured.

All contents and structures of this Website are protected by copyright and performance rights protection. The publication in the World Wide Web or in other Internet services does not constitute a declaration of agreement for further use by third parties. Each and every use which is not compliant with German copyright laws requires the prior written consent of Messer Cutting Systems GmbH.
We explicitly allow and welcome the quotation of our documents and the setting of links to our Website, as long as it is made clear that it refers to the contents of the Website of Messer Cutting Systems GmbH and these contents are not associated with the contents of third parties who conflict with the interests of Messer Cutting Systems GmbH.

Notice about the problems associated with external Links
Messer Cutting Systems GmbH is, as submitter of content under § 7 Abs.1 of the German “Telemediengesetz” is responsible for the “own content”, which it presents for use, under the general laws and to differentiate between its own contents and cross references (“Links”) and those contents made available and offered by others. By these links Messer Cutting Systems GmbH makes available access to “third party contents” which is identified in this way:
By “Links” we mean “living” (dynamic) connections. Messer Cutting Systems GmbH has indeed checked the third party content when the link was first created to see that no possible civil or criminal liability arises from this. However, we cannot constantly monitor the contents referred to in its offer for changes which could result in grounds for a new responsibility. Should we become aware, or be made aware by others, that a concrete offer made available in a link has given rise to a civil or criminal responsibility then the reference to this offer will be cancelled.