Do you need the most modern fibre laser technology for your factory and that for a large variety of applications? With the PowerBlade® you can combine not only vertical cuts but also the widest variety of bevel cuts in one part, for example to produce an optimum weld seam preparation and that in one single operation! The PowerBlade is characterised by extreme dynamic performance and accuracy. With working widths of over 4 m and track lengths up to 50 m and more, the laser cutting machine is predestined for large format plates.

Your Advantages:

  • Precise linear guides for all travel axes
  • Simultaneous speeds up to 140 m/min:
  • Positioning accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm
  • Highest acceleration of up to 1 g with maintenance-free motors
  • Working widths over 4.5 m and lengths up to 50 m
  • Large area processing with the fibre laser
  • Infinitely rotating bevel head: Continuous bevel angle adjustment from -45° to + 50°
  • On-board colour camera for exact process monitoring

With the fibre laser technology, extremely powerful drives, precise linear guides in both longitudinal and transverse directions and a multifaceted bevel head, the PowerBlade® is equipped for a wide range of applications. As well as vertical cuts, the widest range of bevel cuts can be combined in one part, for example to produce optimum weld seam preparations – and all that in one operation. The on board colour camera enables the process to be viewed over the entire working area. Thus the laser cutting machine PowerBlade stands out due to its unsurpassed flexibility.
The laser is characterised by a high efficiency as well as a robust and long lasting construction. The laser beam is carried in the energy chain through a glass fibre. So the high beam quality, and with it the cut results, are consistent over the entire working area. No adjustment and no beam path purging is needed right the way up to the cross carriage. At the same time, the laser ​​​​​​​resonator does not have any negative effect on the machine dynamics, as it is installed statically beside the machine.
Guided by the Global Control, the PowerBlade® is thus extremely user friendly and economical. The machine thus meets all expectations for simple operation, low costs and high reliability.


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