Powder Marking

The powder marking torch applies a line on the work-piece by melting zinc powder with the heating flame. The semi-permanent line produced by this process can be welded over without problems. The powder for the marker is contained in a storage reservoir on top of a specially designed torch.

When preheat oxygen is supplied to the specially directed ports, the powder spins and enters the stainless steel tube and travels to the plate, where the flame causes it to bond to the metal.

  • Produces lines approximately 1 mm wide at a rate equal to maximum machine traverse speed.
  • Can also be used to create alphanumeric text.
  • Avoids manual secondary operations by creating layout lines.
  • Zinc powder creates a silver line on mild steel.
  • Colored powder provides a high contrast line on stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Lines can be continuous or intermittent.


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