We always pay attention to protecting the environment and the conservation of the limited resources of our earth. So our modern fume extraction tables and filter systems contribute to the protection of the environment outside and the working climate inside. The powerful units guarantee a safe and healthy working environment

Our process technology strives for resource conserving application of energy and consumed materials. Because of their low consumption of current and compressed air and the long interval between services they are very economical.

  • Ensures a safe and healthy working Environment
  • High performance filter
  • Low space requirements
  • Filtration systems with filter cartridges, integrated low noise fan, control panel with distribution system to control the function of the filtration units
  • Possibility of various models with pre-separation to remove large or glowing particles
  • Suitable for use in the widest range of filtration applications (extraction from flame cutting machines, welding tables, grinding units, grit blasting etc.)
  • Easy maintenance of all filter parts - Easy installation - Long service life is ensured by the use of filter cartridges with a high degree of separation
  • Low pressure drop during operation of the filter cartridges
  • Low operating costs
  • Explosion-proofed version to ATEX (optional)


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