The water cutting table with belt conveyor system is suitable for oxyfuel cutting on water and for underwater plasma cutting and does not require a high performance extraction system with high power consumption.

Dust and fumes which occur while oxyfuel cutting are mostly bound in the water. The lawmaker advises underwater plasma cutting as particularly safe and eco-friendly. The noise exposure and the radiation exposure are much less than with dry plasma cutting. Here, too, dust and fumes are mostly bound in the water.

  • Automatic conveyor system
  • Ideal for oxyfuel cutting
  • Lifting/lowering of the water level
  • Several cutting areas

Small parts and slag fall down onto the conveyor belts, which are positioned under the water level; they are then transported out of the water basin into a container. The water conveyor table can be combined with a transverse conveyor system.

The water conveyor table is particularly suitable for oxyfuel cutting of thick steel plates, when high process temperatures occur. The water in the basin cools the high process temperatures down. Combined with the dust and fume bonding and the conveyor system this water cutting table is an ideal solution for oxyfuel cutting. In our view there is no better solution.

In case of underwater plasma cutting the water level regularly has to be lifted completely over the plate to be cut and lowered under the cutting grid. A water level control allows the lifting and lowering of the water level rapidly. For this purpose air domes, which are integrated in the water basin, are filled with compressed air in order to lift the water level. For lowering the water level, the air is allowed to escape again.


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