The vibration conveyor table offers a clever conveyor solution for many cutting applications and can be integrated into complex production systems and process cycles.

The slag and small pieces which occur during the cutting process drop onto chutes on the bottom of the cutting table and are carried out of the table in a sorted way by controlled, permanent vibration of the chutes. Production stoppages caused by cleaning the slag trays cease to exist. This way the automated cutting process becomes still more efficient.

  • Very low maintenance
  • Not susceptible to breakdowns
  • Good conveying system for small pieces
  • Automated slag disposal
  • Vibration conveyor combined with changeable pallets

The operation and shutdown periods of the vibration conveyor system are adjusted according to the cutting process (process, materials, part sizes, etc.). The vibration conveyor system is very low maintenance and not susceptible to breakdowns.

The permanent vibrations of the chutes carry small pieces out of the table in a controlled way. They can therefore be taken out easily. At the same time these pieces are rarely splattered by slag, because of their permanent motion after dropping onto the vibrating chutes.

Small pieces and slag are carried out of the table by the vibrating chutes and sorted onto the floor of the hall or into a container which is located in a pit. For a more automated process, there is the possibility to use a transverse conveying system, fixed beneath the vibration chutes, which carries out the scrap into one central container.


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