The CNC control unit Global ControlPlus with its exemplary graphics is extremely simple to use! The user interface with a consistent operating concept is very clearly laid out with easily understood symbols, photos, graphics and the well-known Microsoft tree structure. Everyone understands this control simply intuitively.

Global ControlPlus with the most modern Bus system reacts quickly and directly. You can count on the shortest response times to your commands whether input via touch screen, joystick or hand wheel. The control and monitoring of the digital drives also gives top dynamic performance.

The CNC control unit Global ControlPlus with data bases, macro nesting and many other features offers simply more! Complete networking capability, 3 level database for all cutting processes even down to consumables, all peripheral systems, all equipment right up to infinitely rotating bevel cutting units: Which cutting control offers more?

The Global ControlPlus for all oxy-fuel and plasma processes, bevel cuts, all marking processes. The novel control concept improves your productivity.

Those who prefer a larger screen, must not give up the proven qualities of the Global ControlPlus. The new 24" touch screen monitor offers much room, a clear operator guidance and can be flexible configured if required. (Standard monitor for the laser machines Lasermat® II and PowerBlade®).

  • Modern operating interface based on technology
  • Multiple process database
  • Modern graphic interface minimises the learning curve
  • Central CNC computer with integrated PLC for shorter reaction times
  • Modern Bus System enables modular construction and simple retrofitting
  • Provides support for all common input formats (DIN/EIA)
  • Backup tool keeps a copy of the hard drive to minimise downtime due to virus activity etc.


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