"How can I optimally nest my jobs to save material and time?"

"I receive the part information from customers in a wide variety of formats. Sometimes I even have to redesign the parts. I take the printed job papers from the job management system so I know which parts need to be nested next. After nesting, I print out the production papers to pass them on to production."

OmniWin & OmniBevel.


Our OmniWin and OmniBevel solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflow by transferring all job details automatically via ERP Connect. Additional geometries can also be read in, corrected or completely redesigned. OmniWin’s strength is job preparation, while OmniBevel impresses as a flexible tool for demanding bevel cutting. You can calculate the best plate utilization with automatic nesting - or you can use the numerous tools for manual nesting.

Finished nesting plans with all important information are digitally transferred to OmniFab. Production waste is automatically displayed in OmniWin as part of the nesting list as soon as it is reported in OmniFab PDC.

Your Advantages

  • you use digital integration throughout the entire process, including paperless working,
  • calculate the most efficient use of remaining plates through automatic nesting,
  • easily perform the most demanding bevel cutting tasks,
  • use the numerous tools for best cutting results.


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