CO2 laser

The Laser cutting provides you many advantages: High accuracy and low heat influence. The CO2-Laser offers a broad range of cutting applications in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The CO2-Laser has got a long history in sheet metal cutting. Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium can be cut with best quality. The advantages in high accuracy and low heat influence are fully present

Your Advantages:

  • Flexible usage
  • Easy handling
  • Best cutting quality over the whole range of applications
  • Mild Steel up to 25 mm, Stainless Steel up to 20 mm, Aluminium up to 12 mm

CO2 Laser bevel cutting

Bevel cutting in principle is a process that shows high know-how and requires sophisticated control. To top even this, the LaserMat®II from Messer Cutting Systems offers bevel cutting in stainless steel that fulfils highest requirements. However, the machine control takes over the complex tasks, and handling remains simple.

In mild steel, besides straight cuts, also V- and Y- cuts are possible. Here a deep know-how of the application is needed, especially when two cuts along one contour are made. Angles from -45° up to +50° and maximum thicknesses of 15 mm are possible.

Additionally, special know how and equipment is available to make bevel cuts in stainless steel

Your Advantages:

  • Protection of bevel head by patented magnetic holder
  • Reliable stand-off control with capacitive height sensing
  • Continuous adjustment of the bevel angle during the cut
  • Infinitely rotatable bevel unit
  • Bevel cuts in mild steel and stainless steel with high precision (+/- 0.1 mm for straight cuts, +/- 0.5 mm for bevel cuts)
  • Maximum thickness: 15 mm
  • Continuous bevels from -45° up to +50°


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Suitable Machine

Laser Mat® II

CO2 Laser straight / bevel