New Plasma Cutter 125 ensures excellent cut quality


Maximum productivity and simple operation

Cutting, gouging and marking of steel, stainless steel, Aluminium or Copper – with the Plasma Cutter 125 Messer Cutting Systems always offer the optimum solution. The robust plasma cutting unit is easy to operate and ensures high productivity and quality cuts for plate processing.

With its six operating modes the Plasma Cutter 125 from Messer Cutting Systems is outstandingly suitable for economical hand or machine cuts up to a material thickness of 57 mm in an industrial environment. With or without the torch switch interlocked – the plasma unit can be used to make quality cuts up to a thickness of 40 mm and normal separation cuts or up to 57 mm in steel, stainless steel, Aluminium or Copper. Gouging and hole piercing is possible up to 25 mm. Even the cutting of grid plates is no problem for the Plasma Cutter 125. What is more, part numbers can be etched quickly and easily in the integrated marking mode so that individual components can be readily identified later. The high degree of arc stability ensures excellent cut quality in all applications.

The angled plasma torch is available in two lengths (6 m and 12 m hose package). Additionally, the user has the choice between torches for hand operation or machine operation. Two power classes (125 A / 160 A) are available for automatic cutting. The Plasma Cutter can be combined with the Portacut and the new Secator 2. The ignition without high frequency (contact ignition) prevents interference with and damage to sensitive electronic devices in the area.

The Plasma Cutter 125 automatically adjusts the air pressure independently of the torch length and the operating mode. In doing so, the compressed air unit is continuously checked. This includes a test of the humidity and a check of the compressor. Thanks to the synergic air pressure, the lifetime of the

consumables is significantly increased. The service life monitoring of the nozzle and electrode allows optimum planning of the maintenance of the plasma cutter.

During the development of the Plasma Cutter 125 user friendliness was kept in focus alongside the functionality: the torch can be easily operated with the interlocked torch button, and the ergonomic torch construction ensures fatigue free working. Also, the torch can be quickly connected and disconnected, facilitating easy transport and maintenance. The ergonomic torch interface with its OLED display makes possible an intuitive menu guidance in seven languages and the software can be easily updated through a USB interface. 

The stabile housing which meets IP 23 is impact and heat resistant. Along with the antiskid feet the design is outstandingly suitable for the tough working conditions on site and in industry.

The Plasma Cutter 125 offers the optimum solution for hand and machine cuts from sheets of steel, stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper and more up to a material thickness of 57 mm. Photo: Messer Cutting Systems


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