Productivity redefined

Watch our most flexible cutting solutions live: Get to know the ELEMENT 400, a flame-cutting machine for various applications and highest quality requirements – equipped with oxyfuel and plasma cutting technology as well as two additional marking tools.

We also present our new laser machine ELEMENT 400 L: It scores with a remarkably high level of dynamic, latest laser technology and the ability to handle XXL sheets economically. Equipped with the new bevel cutting head Bevel-U, the modern Laser Nozzle Control (LNC) and our easy-to-operate control Global Connect, it ensures maximum productivity as well as optimum usability.

Stay competitive through digitalisation in cutting operations. Our modular software portfolio integrates your cutting machines in the best possible way into your business and production processes and supports key functions throughout the entire workflow.

Flexibily for the metal processing industry

One of the main attractions from Messer Cutting Systems on the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN will be the live demo of the ELEMENT 400. Equipped with oxyfuel and plasma technology as well as two additional marking tools, this thermal cutting machine is suitable for the largest variety of applications with the highest quality demands. The plasma bevel head Bevel-S promises maximum flexibility: complex contours, holes of bevels for weld preparations can be cut effortlessly. What is more, the platform makes high speed marking with proven and robust tools possible for fast and simple identification of various materials.

Optimum conditions for automation in laser cutting technology

Automation is the key to increased productivity and the answer to the challenges of our time, such as lack of skilled personnel and resources. With its newest developments in laser cutting technology, Messer Cutting Systems has created outstanding conditions for successful automated production and is presenting these at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. Often it is small things which bring the decisive advantage, for example in handling: To be able to handle components better after processing, Messer Cutting Systems have made it possible, for example, to leave micro bridges between the cut parts and the scrap frame. Thus, each part does not have to be picked up separately, rather the plate can be removed as one piece with a loading/unloading system or a shuttle table. This significantly reduces non-productive times. The bridges are so fine that they can be separated easily from the frame later. 

Whoever wants to experience the laser cutting machine ELEMENT 400 L in action should also visit the Messer Cutting Systems stand. The experts will switch over to the factory in Groß-Umstadt for a live demonstration, to present the visitor with the remarkable dynamics and newest laser technology for the economical processing of XXL sheets.

Bring orders into production faster and more economically

Production planning brings an astonishingly large potential for increasing the efficiency in production significantly, simply and fast. Messer Cutting Systems demonstrates with an exhibition premiere at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN impressively how this can be achieved excellently and with little effort.

With the new version of OmniFab, the software suite for the digitalisation of production, cutting jobs can now be directly placed on the machine from the pre-calculation of customer quotations. With automatic component nesting, the step of CAD/CAM nesting software can be shortened or even completely bypassed. This increases the speed and significantly accelerates the process from submitting quotations to starting the order in production. For some applications this is a revolutionary and new way of working. It is made possible by the direct linking of the software to the Global Connect machine control. With the integration of the CAD/CAM software OmniWin, nesting plans can now also be transferred in real time to the machine. The user saves significant time, especially through the automatic pre-selection of all the parameters necessary for production.

As well as the emphasis on work preparation, the visitor to the fair will also experience on a total of four workstations how the digital solutions for production gain additional competitive advantages and make it easy to enter Industry 4.0.


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