OmniFab 2022 is the software suite that offers you, as a company in the field of flame cutting and cutting technology, a tailor-made solution for your order-related production. It integrates Messer mechanical engineering technology into your business processes.

OmniFab 2022 is a modular software suite that grows with your requirements. The modules can be combined in such a way that they are precisely tailored to your particular situation.

Automates your processes

All systems work "hand-in-hand" across the entire value chain of the company.
Order data from the ERP system is available in your CAD/CAM software. Results from production run seamlessly back into your ERP system with the order data.

Makes results transparent

Pre-calculated production times and material usage are checked with real data and automatically adjusted.

Increases the availability of your machines

From the machine data, you can generate plannable maintenance intervals and uncover potential for optimization.

The result: a competitive edge through increased production efficiency.


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OmniFab Modules

Machine Insight

  • Provides clearly arranged information about cutting machines during operation including machine monitoring, machine utilization, cutting orders and much more.
  • Offers real-time machine monitoring of current cutting program as well as current shifts. The graphic display shows all relevant details at a glance.
  • Clearly displays times spent and reasons for downtime (optionally).
  • Informs when a job has started and finished comparing target and actual times.
  • Generates graphic reports for a quick overview of the thermal cutting systems performance, even for a large number of machines.

Job Management

  • Ensures that jobs with their nesting information are available at the right time at the right machine. All important information is paperless and digitally available on the job.
  • Filters jobs by delivery date, material or other important attributes.
  • Sorts and schedules jobs on machines with drag & drop in real time. Rescheduling and automated planning, using various criteria, works just as easily.
  • Defines shifts with direct overview of planned jobs and current shift utilization.
  • Delivers details on preliminary costing and planning and helps machine operators to work more effectively.