Messer Medical Home Care

Concentrates on activities in the home care sector

Messer Medical Home Care Holding offers products and services to prescribers and patients in selected Europe - an countries. These product and service offerings allow oxygen therapy at home, therapy for sleep apnea, monitoring for sudden death syndrome with small children, ventilation support and all training measures connected to these therapies.

Treating patients at home is key to health care systems across the world. It alleviates the strain on resources deployed in hospitals. Therefore home care is a solution for health care payers to manage cost and resources in a world whose population is ageing.

We will continue to develop and market innovative solutions for patients, doctors and health authorities. Quality and efficiency of care towards the patient is our guiding principle. By accomplishing this, we create a partner role towards the Health Care Professionals and provide sustainable solutions towards authorities.


Nic Decorte

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